Prank Video: Pilot Pretends to Faint, Friend Freaks Out

With friends like these... who has a change of underwear?
by admin

Everyone lived. (Photo by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren)

The Lav: Pay-per-Pee on Ryanair, Weekend at Bernie’s 3 At the Airport and More No-Good Aviation News

This week's roundup of weird aviation news includes Ryanair and Spirit fighting for the most unfair fare, a pair of women who attempted to smuggle a corpse onto a flight, and more.
by Andy Bokanev


The Lav: TSA Wants to Inspect Your Monkey and Off-Roading In an Aeroflot Ilyushin

A look at the TSA's new guidelines for protection against monkey bombs, AirTran and Southwest exchange ads in a commercial war, instructional video of how NOT to land an Ilyushin and more!
by Andy Bokanev



The Lav: Japan Fights Flight Attendant Fetishists; Frequently Flying Finns to Earn Free Floppers

Canned Japanese flight attendants are being warned not to sell their uniforms. Plus, new rewards for Finnair passengers, Emirates employees arrested for sexting, Lufthansa opens the world's first airport beer garden in Munich, ...
by Andy Bokanev