Pilots Report Drone Interfering with Flights on Approach to JFK Airport

According to sources, multiple pilots have reported a radio-controlled drone while on approach to JFK Airport.
by Jason Rabinowitz


Pilot Taxiing at JFK Strikes Lights While on Cell Phone

A pilot reported to be on his cell phone while taxiing to depart JFK Airport struck runway lighting, damaging his Merlin aircraft.
by Phil Derner Jr.


The Numbers Game: American-US Merger Initial Rundown

Wondering exactly what the merger of American Airlines and US Airways will mean? Curious as to what the largest airline in the world consists of? We've got some numbers for you.
by NYCAviation Staff



Dallas to Tempe: ‘Yes, Yes, I Will!’: American Airlines and US Airways FINALLY Announce Merger

American Airlines and US Airways today announced their intention to merge, ending months—if not years—of rumor and speculation. The move will create the world’s largest airline.
by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren


NTSB Finds Source of Boeing 787 Battery Fire: Announces Review of Battery System

The National Transportation Safety Board announced today that they have pinpointed the origin of the January 7th battery fire on a JAL Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Boston to single cell which short circuited and spread to other cel...
by NYCAviation Staff