Jet Fighters and Lenses: The ISAP Photographers Meet in Las Vegas

The International Society for Aviation Photography were out in force at this year's second Red Flag training exercises at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas. Alberto Riva takes you there with coverage from both sides of th...
by Alberto Riva


Boeing Delivers Refurbished E-4B ‘Doomsday Plane’ to US Air Force

One of the Air Force's four "Doomsday Planes" has been returned to service following an eleven month overhaul by Boeing.
by admin


Video: Fifteen B-52s Take Off Within Minutes During Exercise

An impressive sight: Here we see 15 B-52s conducting Minimum Interval Take-Offs (MITO) from Minot AFB, North Dakota, during the U.S. Strategic Command nuclear exercise GLOBAL THUNDER in June 2009.
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PHOTOS: 2010 New York Air Show at Jones Beach

The Jones Beach Air Show brought out huge crowds this weekend and photographer Scott Snorteland was in the air and on the ground to capture some of the best moments on camera.
by Phil Derner Jr.

Apollo 15 blasts off from Cape Canaveral. (Photo by NASA)

Apollo 15 Blasts Off for the Moon: July 26 in Aviation History

Aloha Airlines predecessor makes its first flight, Space Shuttle Discovery makes first spaceflight since Columbia disaster, and more...
by NYCAviation Staff