Gh Masoom Masoomi Afghan Air Traffic Controller Kabul Airport

Meet Afghanistan’s First Air Traffic Controllers

After completing a training program created by the Afghan government, the ICAO and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, Afghanistan's first fully-qualified air traffic controllers are manning the tower at Kabul...
by BNO News


Unseen Video of President Kennedy’s Air Force One Arrival in Dallas

Newly released color footage shows John F. Kennedy's Air Force One landing and taxiing at Dallas' Love Field just hours before being assassinated.
by Phil Derner Jr.


FAA Proposes Second Fine Against American

Issues with maintenance performed on McDonnell Douglas MD-80s brought American Airlines their second recent fine from the FAA for $300,000, which would total over $1 million this month.
by Mark Lawrence



The Logbook: Kiss Airport Security Goodbye

A goodbye kiss was learned to be the culprit behind the Newark security scare last week. Also, Ryanair says they won’t look to buy Aer Lingus anymore, Florida airports explore de-icing method and a bank robber wears his ramp ...
by Phil Derner Jr.


Waves of Change: Caribbean Airlines to Operate Air Jamaica Ahead of Imminent Sale

An agreement to continue Air Jamaica operations under the Caribbean Airlines brand goes into effect next month, but the Jamaican government is now being forced to modify the terms of the deal in anticipation of even bigger chan...
by Brian Futterman