Long Beach Airport Unveils Impressive New Terminal

Long Beach Airport opened a new passenger concourse Wednesday that should make other California airports nervous.
by Phil Derner Jr.


The Story Behind the New ‘Pilot’s Bill of Rights’ Law

The new Pilot's Bill of Rights Law has many wondering why such rights didn't already exist, but what does it mean for pilots? More importantly, what brought it about?
by NYCAviation Staff

Estelle Getty in Stop or My Mom Will Shoot

Elderly Woman Arrested After Carrying Gun Onto Plane

An elderly woman was arrested at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Texas on Wednesday after she managed to get through security and board a passenger plane with a gun, federal officials said.
by BNO News



ATC Reform: The President’s Push for the Privatization of Air Traffic Control

On Monday, President Trump threw his support behind a renewed plan to privatize air traffic control services in the United States.
by Stephanie Gehman


How the Media Blew That Michelle Obama ‘Close Call’ Story: A Pilot’s Take

Blaring headlines of the First Lady's supposed brush with death were hysterically overhyped, says this airline pilot.
by Justin Schlechter