British Airways Boeing 747 and 777s cross paths at Boston's Logan International Airport. (Photo by Eric Dunetz)

British Airways Steward Who Made Fake Bomb Threat to Earn Promotion Gets 6 Months in Jail Instead

A British Airways steward who wrote a threat on the back of a toilet door during a flight to Tokyo has been sentenced to jail for six months.
by BNO News

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood goofing off with President Barack Obama at the White House. (Photo by Pete Souza/White House)

DOT Fines JetBlue and Orbitz Over Tarmac Delay and Baggage Fee Rules

The US Dept. of Transportation handed down $140,000 in fines to JetBlue and Orbitz on Monday for violating two consumer protection rules.
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Jet Skier Breaches JFK Airport Perimeter, Wanders to Terminal 3 Undetected

A jet skier in Jamaica Bay breached a $100 million security system at JFK Airport, leaving both officials and citizens, scratching their heads.
by Phil Derner Jr.



The Story Behind the New ‘Pilot’s Bill of Rights’ Law

The new Pilot's Bill of Rights Law has many wondering why such rights didn't already exist, but what does it mean for pilots? More importantly, what brought it about?
by NYCAviation Staff


Round 2: F-16 Intercepts Two Planes During President’s Chicago Visit

Similar to the recent intercepts in New York, two aricraft have been intercepted by a U.S. fighter jet during Obama's recent visit to Chicago as well.
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