Steve Jobs Evades Gulfstream Photo Bounty, Costs Apple $50

Apple shares were down over $1.70 in Tuesday afternoon trading after markets learned that a $50 iTunes gift card being offered by NYCAviation for photos of Steve Jobs' Gulfstream landing in New York would not be purchased.
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Nordic Global Airlines MD-11 OH-LGC

MD-11 Versus Wall: Wall Wins

I guess you could argue the wall in this photo looks worse for wear than the cargo plane that hit it. After all, it does have a gaping hole in it, whereas the MD-11 suffered a measly crumpled radome. But...
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The Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach: Celebrating 15 Years of Greatness

With plenty of sun in the forecast for this Memorial Day weekend, record crowds are expected for the 15th annual Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach.
by Scott Snorteland



Jet Fighters and Lenses: The ISAP Photographers Meet in Las Vegas

The International Society for Aviation Photography were out in force at this year's second Red Flag training exercises at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas. Alberto Riva takes you there with coverage from both sides of th...
by Alberto Riva


JFK’s Bayswater Park Padlocked Due to Budget Cuts

Budget cuts today brought upon the sudden, though expected closure of Bayswater Point State Park, a popular spot for aviation enthusiasts and their families. Find out how you can help get the park opened again so you can enjoy ...
by Phil Derner Jr.