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UPDATED: Southwest 737 Nose Gear Collapse at LGA

UPDATE: Friday 7-26-13 New video has surfaced on YouTube today from the inside of Southwest 345 as the Boeing 737 landed at LaGuardia. The video clearly shows that the aircraft did not flare at all, and impact with the runway w...
by NYCAviation Staff


Pilot Taxiing at JFK Strikes Lights While on Cell Phone

A pilot reported to be on his cell phone while taxiing to depart JFK Airport struck runway lighting, damaging his Merlin aircraft.
by Phil Derner Jr.


United Flight 232: Surviving the Unthinkable

On July 19, 1989 an engine explosion left United 232 with no hydraulics and no controls, leading to a crash landing where many of the passengers survived. Now 25 years later we look back at this extraordinary accident and exami...
by Gabe Andino



Continental Found ‘Criminally Responsible’ for Air France Concorde Crash

Continental Airlines was found "criminally responsible" for the crash of Air France Flight 4590, the Paris Concorde disaster which killed all 109 on board.
by BNO News


Royal Australian Air Force Aerobatic Plane Crash Injures Two

A Royal Australian Air Force plane crashed at the East Sale airbase in Victoria, Australia, injuring two pilots, officials said Wednesday.
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