Southwest Airlines Pilots Startled by Strip Club Spotlight

Turns out the beams of light that distracted a pilot near Dallas were not the work of another obnoxious kid with a laser pointer, but search lights installed on the roof of the Bombshells Nude Cabaret to attract customers.
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Water cannon salute for Korean Air's first Airbus A380 arrival to New York JFK Airport Terminal 1

New Korean Air Airbus A380 Makes First Flight to America

Korean Air's first transpacific Airbus A380 flight arrived in New York today, also marking the first scheduled use by any carrier of the superjumbo between east Asia and the east coast of North America.
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Taban Air Tu-154 Crash Lands in Northeastern Iran (w/ New Photos)

A Taban Air Tu-154 carrying 157 people has crash-landed and caught fire at Mashhad International Airport in northeastern Iran.
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Flying Through History Aboard the B-17 Flying Fortress: A Photo Essay

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was America's workhorse bomber throughout World War II. Few flyable copies remain, but two of them, Liberty Belle and Aluminum Overcast, recently visited Seattle. We got to fly both of them.
by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren


7 Steps to Write a Meaningless, Yet Viral, Aviation Story

Writing quality aviation content that gets people's attention isn't easy. Why go through all that hard work when there's an easy way to create a viral article that will get you crazy page views?
by Bernie Leighton