Pilot and Co-pilot: What’s the Difference?

This question is one of the greatest causes of frustration for a pilot speaking to non-pilots about what it is that they do.
by Jeff Choi


Going Oceanic: Basic Lesson in North Atlantic Tracks

What goes into navigating a flight over the ocean? There might be more to it than you think.
by Phil Derner Jr.


The Why, How and Where of Flight Diversions

While diversions do happen frequently, the decision to land a plane perhaps hundreds or thousands of miles from its destination is not taken lightly. A look at why planes divert and how pilots, dispatchers and managers choose w...
by Phil Derner Jr.



Lesson in Safety: How Airlines Deal with Thunderstorms

The summer months mean thunderstorms across the US. How do airlines cope with these disruptive weather forces? An airline dispatcher gives us an inside look.
by Phil Derner Jr.


The Conspiracy That Isn’t: Debunking Chemtrails

The chemtrail conspiracy is a fact-less idea created by a misled and uninformed group. We explain the skinny on the science behind the unfortunate theory.
by John Steffen and Phil Derner Jr.