Researching Weather and Climate Change at 35,000ft

Over 40 years ago, airliners started being used to collect high altitude air samples for climate research. Today that research continues, and has been expanded to improve weather forecasting and also better understand the effec...
by Gabe Andino

Airshow Performer John Klatt sponsored by the ANG will perform again this year at Jones Beach. Photo Scott Snorteland

The 2013 Bethpage Airshow at Jones Beach: More Important than Ever

There was little mention of sequestration in mainstream media prior to March, so little that I myself had to do some research into what it actually meant. Google the phrase sequestration today and you will find many more hits t...
by Scott Snorteland


Turbulence: Everything You Need to Know, Part 1

Turbulence is far and away the number one concern of anxious passengers. Patrick Smith sheds light on the phenomena and how pilots handle turbulence in flight.
by Patrick Smith



Why are Airlines Continually Ordering Larger Aircraft?

The reason, as always, comes down to the most important question an airline has to answer: “what makes the most profit?”
by Bernie Leighton


Friday Photos: Our Favorite Uploads For The Week Of July 23rd

This week for Friday Photos, we welcome new uploaders Raj and Sergio and share some great air to air shots.
by Ben Granucci