Otto at the controls.

Blowup Girlfriends Fly Free On Southwest

A Twitter exchange clarifies the airline's policy on air-filled companions.
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The Day I Learned How to De-Ice an Airliner with a Broom

What do you do in a pinch when you have no de-icing trucks at your airport? Find a resourceful Captain...
by Phil Derner Jr.

Should American replace the eagle in its logo with the Twitter bird?

American Airlines Responds to Every Tweet, Even When Your Handle is @hotdoghandjobs

American has done an exemplary job of keeping their Twitter complainants happy, or at the very least, responding in a timely fashion.
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things flight attendants say

Video: Things Flight Attendants Say

Someone had to do it: A Flight Attendant version to add to the exploding "Stuff [insert type of person here] Say" viral video genre. Good news: It's funny.
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Hurricane Sandy Live Video Feed

Live Video of Hurricane Sandy as It Hits New York Waterfront

Live feed of the East River just east of the Manhattan Bridge from a "Zone A" building in Brooklyn.
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