Otto at the controls.

Blowup Girlfriends Fly Free On Southwest

A Twitter exchange clarifies the airline's policy on air-filled companions.
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Regional Jets, The Cure or the Disease?

The emergence of regional jets in the 1990s was a major game-changer among the business models of legacy carriers that are still evolving today. Are they saving an otherwise hurting industry, or more of a hindrance?
by Phil Derner Jr.


Video: What Really Happened With Allegiant 426’s “Low Fuel” Situation?

NYCA's Phil Derner discusses Allegiant 426's "low fuel" situation while trying to land at Fargo, North Dakota, while the airport was closed.
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Anyone want a Falcon omelette? (Photo by Gunthercx via wikimedia, CC-BY-SA)

Atlanta Airport Employees Throw Eggs At New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints got a messy welcome to Atlanta for their game against the Falcons this weekend.
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The epicenter was located in Irving, Texas, about 3.4 miles southeast of DFW. (Map by NYCAviation/Google Maps)

Earthquake Strikes Just Outside Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

A minor 3.4 magnitude earthquake that rattled homes and nerves in central Texas Saturday night was centered just 3.4 miles southeast of DFW.
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