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Photos: 10 Years Later, Iconic TWA Flight Center Lives On

The past decade has been kinder to the TWA Flight Center than one might expect. Join us on a rare photographic tour inside the landmark Eero Saarinen structure at New York's JFK Airport.
by Tom Alfano


Four Months After Hard Landing at JFK, Crippled RAM 767 Nearly Repaired

A Royal Air Maroc 767 suffered substantial fuselage and nose gear damage during a hard landing at JFK this past April. Here's the story of the incident and the impressive engineering feats Boeing techs have pulled off to put he...
by Tom Alfano


Merger Mania!

Skyrocketing fuel costs will likely lead to several airline mergers this year. Unfortunately for fliers and shareholders, the history of airline mergers contains few positive notes.
by Tom Alfano



Journey of a Thousand Photos

Photographer Tom Alfano recently reached the 1,000 accepted photos milestone on He reflects on the great experiences he's had and the friends he's made along the way.
by Tom Alfano


The Delayed Traveler

Who is to blame for air traffic delays? Just about everyone in the industry, from the airlines to the FAA.
by Tom Alfano