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Fornoff flying the BD-5 for a Toshiba commercial in 1980.

In the Cockpit with Legendary Hollywood Stunt Pilot Corkey Fornof

J.W. "Corkey" Fornof is perhaps Hollywood's foremost aviator, his work having appeared in 46 feature films—including James Bond classics such as Octopussy—as well as over 1,000 commercials and TV shows. Corkey shares his st...
by Josh Rasmussen


A-10 Warthogs Blow Stuff Up for Fun at Hawg Smoke 2010 Gunnery and Bombing Competition

Idaho Air National Guard pilots from the 190th FS team placed first and second, leading their four-man team to a repeat victory in the Air Force’s biennial gunnery and bombing competition known as Hawg Smoke.
by Josh Rasmussen