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Unique Readers 110,000/month
Page Views 700,000/month

Source: Google Analytics


Sex 65% male
Age 65% 18-49
Income 66% Over $65K
Income 37% Over $100K
Education 71% College Grads

Source: Quantcast

Social Media

Twitter 33,100+ followers
Facebook 5,600+ likes
NYCA Forums 2,150+ members

Source: Twitter, Facebook, NYCAviation Forum

Rate Card

Placement Size Price
Leaderboard (Homepage Only) 728×90 $10 CPM
Medium Rectangle (Homepage Only) 300×250 $10 CPM
Category-Targeted Interior 728×90
$15 CPM
Square Interior 125×125 $150 per week
Full Screen Interstitial 800×800 max $20 CPM
Homepage Roadblock 728×90
$24 CPM
Site Takeover 728×90
$2,000 per day (unlimited impressions)
Remnant Banners 728×90
$5 CPM
Sponsored Post N/A $3,000 per post
Sponsored Email N/A $1,000 per message
Sponsored Tweet N/A $200 per tweet
Help Wanted Classified N/A $30 per month
Video pre-roll N/A Coming soon

*CPM = Cost per 1,000 impressions. For example, 200,000 impressions at $10 CPM = $2,000. Minimum buy for CPM-priced placements is $1,000. No minimum for time-priced placements.

We are flexible to other types of placements and opportunities. If you have an idea that isn’t listed here, we want to hear it!

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