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May 23, 2017

Surprising and Delighting NYC’s Finest

New York City is served by more than 36,000 police officers and JetBlue is honoring those men and women with its newest custom livery.  The newly painted member of the JetBlue fleet is adorned in the colors of the NYPD and called, “Blue Finest.”  The aircraft was revealed at a ceremony held at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) on Monday.  An official press release from the airline notes that Blue Finest,  joins JetBlue’s exclusive legion of service-focused aircraft including “Blue Bravest” dedicated to the FDNY, “Vets in Blue” honoring veterans past and present and “Bluemanity” – a tribute to all JetBlue crewmembers who bring the airline’s mission of inspiring humanity to life every day.”

The reveal event was tied into the airline’s 8th annual plane pull.  Participating teams in the plane pull were given a chance to pull “Blue Finest”, an Airbus 320, a distance of 100 feet as quickly as they could.  The teams got an up close and personal view of the new livery, which not only features the NYPD’s colors, but its badge, shield and flag, too.  Given that JetBlue is based in New York, their decision to honor the NYPD with this newest livery ties into their ongoing tradition of hometown pride and support of those individuals that serve the five boroughs of the City.  In fact, the airline estimates that, “…up to 15 percent of its Inflight crewmembers and several in its support centers have served in some capacity.”

Was there positive response to the new livery from those it set out to honor?  The answer from the NYPD Commissioner as quoted in the JetBlue presser would seem a resounding ‘yes’!  “I want to thank everyone at JetBlue for honoring the hardworking men and women of the NYPD with this incredible symbol of partnership and professionalism,” said James P. O’Neill. “This aircraft, ‘Blue Finest,’ has the perfect name and appearance to represent those who have made it their lives’ work to fight crime and keep people safe. It is an impressive interpretation of NYPD hallmarks and will spread our commitment to public safety far beyond New York City.”

JetBlue’s custom liveries continue to surprise and delight.  This hometown airline did just that with New York City’s hometown heroes.

(Image: Blue Finest departs JFK on its first revenue flight early Sunday morning. Photo by NYCAviation Contributing Photographer Mark Szemberzki.)

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