September 14, 2014

#SelfieSunday with AirlinerReporter.com’s David Parker Brown

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Written by: NYCAviation Staff
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It’s tough to be in the AvGeek world and not know AirlineReporter, and the man behind the brand, David Parker Brown. A great guy from Seattle, we are excited to have him as this week’s guest, and luckier to call him and his organization a friend. -Phil Derner, Founder

What ignited your interest in aviation? Tell your story!

I have always had a fascination with aviation — I grew up with aviation around me. My father had a Bonanza and I was flying at a young age. My parents lived apart from one another and I would often fly back and forth and ended up with a lot of free time at the airport. I would head out to the windows and just watch the airliners come and go and learn the different liveries and aircraft types. I knew there were others who liked aviation, but I had no idea that there were so many. When I started AirlineReporter, I figured I would be lucky to have a few hundred people visiting per month, but do not underestimate the power of the AvGeek!

What led to your work in aviation and how does that affect your enthusiasm?

Many people assume that I either work in aviation or that I have worked in aviation. I have not. I am not even a pilot. But you don’t need to be any of those to be an AvGeek. Although running AirlineReporter is a job on its own, I also have a “real” job working in higher education as a Career Counselor. I love my job, but I also love my passion of aviation.

Tell us one of your greatest aviation memories.

I have been lucky enough to have some pretty cool aviation related experiences. My first favorite memory was taking the delivery flight for Rwandair’s first 737-800. We flew from Seattle to Iceland to Istanbul and finally into Rwanda. It was interesting taking a plane made for short flights half way across the world. It was amazing to see how proud the people of Rwanda were for taking delivery of a brand new airplane.

My second favorite memory was being able to fly on a Beechcraft Starship. There are only five of them left flying in the world and I grew up in love with that plane. I was able to find one really awesome owner who let me take a ride and I was beyond giddy.

tophatMy last favorite memory was being able to fly in the jump seat in a Boeing 737-700 business jet. I had never taken off from the flight deck of a large aircraft like that and it was very impressive. Not to mention the VIP cabin in the back of the plane to boot!

Tell us about your life and interests outside of your aviation life

Aviation is a big part of my life, but not everything. I have quite a few friends who could care less about planes, so I end up trying to keep up with world events to garner good conversations.

I also love to camp. I own a 1973 VW Camper and take it out quite a bit. Of course hiking and canoeing go quite well with camping.

BONUS QUESTION: What is up with that damn top hat of yours?

The top hat comes out during only very special AvGeek occasions. When I was invited to take a ride on a Boeing Business Jet for the first time, a suit just didn’t seem enough. So, I went out and bought a top hat, classed up the joint and then now wear it when I am feeling classy.

Be sure to read AirlineReporter.com, follow them on Twitter @AirlineReporter and David himself @ARdpb!

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