August 17, 2014

Orville Wright Talks First Flight for #SelfieSunday

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“#SelfieSunday” is a new feature on NYCAviation. Each week we showcase an aviation enthusiast, allowing them to tell their story of their inner geek. From the well-known to the regular joe, we aim to display our community where, though diverse, form solidarity through our passion. Who better to start this series off with than Orville Wright? We hope you enjoy this weekly installment. – Phil Derner, Founder

As a child I enjoyed reading the mythology of the Greeks, especially the story of the young and adventurous Icarus, who was overwhelmed by the thrill of flying…

Well, we all know how his tale ended, but still I thought, why not? The great Leonardo DiVinci thought it was possible, but the non-existent technology of quality steel and lightweight mechanics kept him earthbound.

Now, here it is, 1903, the early beginning of the much heralded 20nth Century, and the Industrial Revolution has produced many marvelous innovations and advances…but “man in flight” still eludes us, especially those who seek it. That is until now. Brother Wilbur and myself have often tinkered into the wee hours, trying this or that to create a magnificent machine that can give us wings above the earth! And at last, we feel it is time to test our wills, skills, and courage, to be first in flight! Many have joked that our budding bicycle company business would “never get off the ground” but we have proven it successful…so we’re off to Kitty Hawk, NC with our “Flyer 1” and hopefully into the pages of history!

Yes, that became history, and my how the world responded in cheers and pride in our being the generation that made such a thing possible. It became a definite “renaissance” of motorized technology, as self-powered vehicles of all manner took man across seas, over the toughest of terrains, and now finally the seemingly endless sky. I wonder just how far we’ll be able to go in the years, decades ahead…as now the popular and progressive expression goes, ‘the sky’s the limit!”

BONUS QUESTION: You will reach your 143rd birthday this week (August 19th). How do you maintain your young appearance?

This wonderful occasion of being first in flight led to Wilbur and my interests in future design and implementation of exciting new technologies! In fact, I attribute my “ageless” countenance in my quest for tomorrow!

Orville Wright is represented by impersonator and professional variety entertainer Tim Beasley, keynote speaker 25+ years, licensed and insured since 1986. You can find Tim on his website, Facebook both here and here, Twitter, LinkedIn, or reach him by email at [email protected].

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  • Bill MacRae

    You rose several feet in the air! You are a lunatic, sir! Please let us unite to ensure that this madness does not catch on. I covered the eyes of my grandson, who fortunately did not witness this insanity. Sincerely, Charles Lindbergh (Snr).