• Yand Remand

    Wow that Lufthansa pilot made one very sexy landing!
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    • LogicalLarry

      Indeed! That landing made me glockenspiel my sauerkraut!

  • capnaux

    Great discussion, Captain! I actually learned a bit of history there.

    Great examples with the videos, too. I will keep this article in mind when others ask me about crosswinds.

    One thing passengers might like to know is, during a sideslip landing technique, they will feel like they are “falling” out of their seats. Of course they assume it’s due to a crummy pilot–it’s not, the pilot is doing what he needs to do in order to safely land!

    I usually “kick it out” at 5-100 feet in the Airbus, so I’m one of those “crummy pilots!” ;-)

  • broimp

    I assume the landing trucks can turn off the longitudinal axis of the airplane. If so, are they positioned prior to touchdown to align with the runway, or is it a passive system where wheel friction with the ground drags them into alignment with the runway?

  • Brett Cuthbert

    That’s BHX everyday it seems.

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