February 5, 2014

Great Aviation Instagrams You Should Be Following

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Written by: Gabe Andino
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When some people think of Instagram, the first things that may come to mind are photos of modern day items dubiously filtered to look like they were taken in the ’70’s, selfies, pictures of cheeseburgers and possibly selfies of someone eating a cheeseburger filtered to look like it was taken in the ’70’s. Stereotypes aside, Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps and there is a thriving AvGeek community using this social media platform to share fantastic aviation-related images. One can find a wide range of photographs – a ramp worker snapping airliners on the ground with an iPhone; airline pilots using cockpit mounted GoPros to capture final approach from their vantage point; photographers using professional grade equipment to capture stunning air-to-air action, all viewable on one’s smartphone or desktop computer.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite aviation-related Instagram accounts. Check them out and feel free to give them a follow if you don’t already. And be sure to follow @NYCAviation on Instagram as well. Have some favorites of your own that we may have missed? Be sure to share them with us in the comment section.

The High Flyers

Eric Jordan is a 757/767 captain for US Airways. He frequently shares his travels on Instagram, taking pictures from far-flung locales in Europe and the Caribbean.


B737-800 first officer, NYCAviation contributor and blogger Brad Tate shares some of his best photos from flying the line.


This A320 captain’s Instagram contains some of the most stunning aviation photography you’ll find online.


If you ever wanted to feel like you were in the front office of an E-190 by just looking at your iPhone, you need to follow Adam, a first officer on the type.




Lately this Airbus captain has been posting photos only occasionally but they are always top notch. And how many times can you say you’ve seen a selfie taken through the cockpit window?


This A320 first officer’s photo skills are as smooth as his Instagram handle.


Jay Collie recently started flying in the right seat of E-190’s after years as a captain on the CRJ-200. Jay shares life on the line and pics of his commutes between his Florida home and his flying base in the Northeast. He also planespots at TPA during his downtime. Pilots, they’re just like us!


Flying the Dash-8 “low and slow” around the northeast affords pilots some great photo opportunities. Captain Chris takes full advantage as he shares his passion for flying with over 4,000 followers.


This is one of the funnier and more entertaining accounts on this list, owned by Kevin who is also an A320 first officer. If you enjoy an offbeat sense of humor and pictures of food along with your airplane porn, then Kevin is worthy of a follow.


Murphy Burch is a Miami-based 757/767 first officer. Murphy has an eclectic collection of photos that include a lot of stunning views from the cockpit window.


The Guys On The Ground

Paul Thompson is an airline industry veteran, freelance writer and photographer living in Denver. Paul’s Instagram is dominated by two subjects: airplanes and craft beer. What’s not to love?


Psst, do you like United 787’s? Follow this guy.


Craig Cleary works at DFW so he’s surrounded by American Airlines planes. He makes them look good. Real good.


This photog makes EWR look stunning just by using an iPhone5.


Jason Hamm is an airline employee, avgeek, Gulfstream nut and aviation photographer based in Little Rock, AR. Jason makes the most of his airport access, offering creative angles of the aircraft he works around.


If you love sunsets and skyscapes with your photos of aircraft, then you should definitely follow Eric Jackson. Eric mixes in some great nature photography as well.


Adam works at Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) and is a prolific Instagrammer, sharing what he sees on the ramp on a regular basis.


If you notice a trend here, it’s that many of these accounts are from two groups of people: Pilots and rampers. And with good reason, they have some of the best views! Peter is based in Phoenix (PHX) and his photography has been shared by US Airways’ Instagram account. He also created the #airplanesyo hashtag. In case you were wondering.


Photographers, Spotters and Frequent Fliers.

A consummate avgeek residing in the Dallas metroplex, JP Santiago shares great photos from DFW as well as his aviation artwork. As an added bonus, JP drops some serious aircraft knowledge in his photo captions, so chances are you’ll learn something you didn’t know about the aircraft you’re viewing.


Carlos Aleman is a longtime aviation and aerial photographer based in Puerto Rico. Check out his collection of airliners and fantastic island views.


Frequent flyer and AirlineGeeks.com correspondent Alex shares pictures of his frequent travels, many from the NYC area.


If it’s flown through Orlando (MCO), chances are local spotter Wesley Bencon has photographed and shared it on Instagram.


Mike J. Morgan loves two things: United Airlines and Taco Bueno. He also loves to photograph his various travels on United, and for that we are grateful.


Jaunted.com Managing Editor and friend of NYCAviation Cynthia Drescher travels. A lot. While her Instagram isn’t dominated by airplane and flying-related pictures like some of the others on this list, she does post a wide variety of cool aviation photographs.


Gabe Andino is an Associate Editor for NYCAviation.com, aviation enthusiast and airport management professional residing in New Jersey. 

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