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Photo: Aircraft Damage and Perimeter Breach Adds to Holiday Travel Woes at JFK Airport

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Written by: NYCAviation Staff
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In addition to dealing with one of the busiest holiday travel days of the year, New York City’s JFK Airport has had a few more challenges to contend with Sunday.

In the morning,  a large container used by laundry/cleaning company DGS struck a Delta 737 parked at Terminal 4’s gate B37. The strike left a sizable gash in the aircraft’s belly just rear of the wing, forcing the aircraft out of service.

In addition, an emotionally disturbed man breached the airport perimeter on the east side of the airport near the Port Authority Police Department fire training facility. The man was quickly apprehended by police just before reaching runway 31 at taxiway E.

There was no indication of terrorism or threat to any aircraft. The breach did not affect flight operations in any way.

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  • dalus18

    Does anyone know the tail number of the 737?

  • nizar

    this looks like a md-88

    • al

      md-88 do not have flap canoes, hence its a 737

      • ms

        Not to mention the fact that the other (underwing) engine is visible in the photo…

  • Jason

    A 737 doesn’t slope down toward the nose like this aircraft, nor does it have the two small emerg exits above the wing as seen in this pic…

    • mhudson

      The angle is an illusion from the camera, and the 739 surely has two over wing exits on either side.

    • Steve

      Trust me is a 73. The NYCA staff is made up of professionals and I don’t think they would make that kind of mistake.

  • ewrcap

    737-800,900, and 900ER all leave two exits. Also, the downward slope is an optical illusion due to paint job.