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December 16, 2013

Aerolineas Argentinas Makes A Triumphant Return to JFK

IMG_3782-EditLook who’s back in town! After a 5 year hiatus, Aerolineas Argentinas has returned to New York. Beginning today, the airline will operate nonstop, daily service to John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK). The new flights will originate at Aerolineas Argentinas home base at between Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) near Buenos Aires, Argentina. The rebooted service will utilize the 272 seat Airbus A330-200, which has just recently joined the carrier’s fleet. The aircraft will have 24 lie-flat seats in Club Condor Class, along with 248 standard economy class seats. Previously the Airbus A310 and A340 and Boeing 747 operated the EZE-JFK route. The flights are scheduled to take just over 11 hours of flying time in each direction.

In New York, the airline will operate into and out of JFK’s Terminal 7. It will become the only Skyteam carrier to utilize the terminal owned by British Airways and United Airlines from the Oneworld Alliance and Star Alliance respectively. Premium passengers will also be allowed the use of British Airway’s lounge. The flights are scheduled to leave Buenos Aires at 10:00 PM EST arrive in New York at 8:05 each morning. Departure back to Buenos Aires is set for 3:25 each afternoon, arriving at 4:40 the next morning. Aerolineas Argentinas’ new flight joins an existing one operated by American Airlines, which uses a Boeing 777-200ER on the route.

Aerolineas Argentinas had previously suspended the EZE-JFK route in 2008. During that time, it was under the private management of the formerly Spain-based consortium Grupo Marsans. That consortium failed shortly after service to New York was suspended. Following the consortium’s collapse, control of the airline reverted to the Argentinean government. The restart of this route is part of the 2010-2014 business plan developed by the airline and approved by the Argentine government.

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  • RaulinMiami


    • moe_howard

      in what way do you mean “triumphant” or are you incapable of making a proper comment? Diabolical would be a better adjective

      • RaulinMiami

        It was a correction, the post’s title originally had “triumphent”

  • lufthansafan100

    ohh jeezz as if T7 wasn’t small enough

  • brokepensioner

    It would appear that British Airways is feeling the pinch, not content with robbing its ex-workers on their pensions, by reducing their paid for RPI index ones, down to CPI, in opposition to the airlines pension trustees; it is now sharing a terminal with that airline from Argentina. Is this another airline Willi Walsh is thinking of taking over, again using pensioners money to help AEG make more profits, or is it just goodwill to say that British Airways transcends British Politics and does what it wants, regardless of the lack of loyalty from both those working for it; and
    all those passengers it has alienated in the past.

  • Sterling77

    Considering the dysfunctional Kirchner is pouring poisonous bile on the people of the Falklands Islands and threatening any British ships that ply trade supplies with these British islands, it is difficult to understand why British Airways allows its terminal to be shared by an Argentine carrier. It is wholly unacceptable they allow air operations to operate to and from a British terminal owned by British Airways. For BA to allow Argentine air operations at JFK from this terminal is exceedingly offensive and should be stopped.

    • Mellow Jessica

      why? b/c money talks and the airlines aren’t at war: just their gov’t proxies.

    • Ezeq Deregibus

      Oranges and apples.

    • Ezeq Deregibus

      1) the “dysfunctional” Kirchner is doing what the constitution mandates: Claim the islands by peaceful means. No matter how long you’ve been there. You are there as the result of an invasion and expulsion of the argentine colony living in the place. So no matter what you do, you are there as the continuation of an illegal act and as such, Argentina will keep denouncing the UK. And that will happen with any president in charge.
      2) that said, the relations between Argentina and Britain are far more extense than the south atlantic issue. There’s over 100.000 british descent people in argentina, LOTS of british businesses in Argentina since almost 2 centuries:,the relationship between Argentina and the UK far outweighs the island ownership dispute.
      Simply put: British Airways fly to Argentina. Unilever makes money in Argentina. So does the HSBC, EY, etc. etc.

    • Red Argentine

      We’ve got rid of CFK. Glad I’ll be able to use the BA lounge at JFK.
      Wish I was able to pre-assign seats on AR 1301.