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September 4, 2013

Boeing Delivers First 767 Freighter to FedEx Express, MD-10 On Way Out

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Written by: Jason Rabinowitz
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On Wednesday morning, FedEx Express took delivery of their first Boeing 767-300 Freighter as a part of the company’s continuing efforts to modernize their aging fleet. “Today’s delivery of our first Boeing 767 Freighter is another step forward in our fleet modernization strategy,” said James R. Parker, executive vice president of Air Operations, FedEx Express, via press release. The 767 is approximately 30 percent more fuel efficient and has unit operating costs that are more than 20 percent lower than the aircraft they will replace. The net effect is an aircraft that is more affordable to operate and has lower carbon emissions because of better fuel efficiency.”

The new 767-300 signals the beginning of the end for the MD-10s in the FedEx Express fleet. The MD-10 is the result of an upgrade program for old DC-10s, equipping the airframe with a glass cockpit similar to the MD-11, and eliminated the need for a flight engineer, bringing the flight crew down to two allowed a common type rating with the MD-11.

The 767 freighter can carry approximately 58 tons (52.7 tonnes) of revenue cargo, and FedEx says it is ideal for developing new long-haul, regional or feeder markets. FedEx also operates the Boeing MD-11, 757 and the 777.

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