• tjh8402

    you need to correct a typo – there is no announced plans to stretch 777 beyond the 9X and UA will be taking delivery of 787-10′s, not 777s.

    • Jason

      Got the UA correction, thanks. I did write that the 777x 9/10 will be stretched, unless I am misunderstanding something,what I have is correct.

    • Andrew Poure

      I believe what he means is there’s no 777-10X, just an 8X and a 9X. 8X being -300ER sized, 9X being closer to 747 capacity.

    • Jason

      ah ha! Got ya. Thanks.

  • itsmefool

    Nice story; one more correction, though…”manufacturers” is what I think you meant in your lead.

  • http://www.vishal1mehra.com/ Vishal Mehra

    Thanks for the piece Jason, well put together.

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