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August 27, 2013

Despite DOJ Suit, US Airways Moving In With American Air at JFK

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Written by: Jason Rabinowitz
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Despite the looming lawsuit that threatens to stop the merger between American Airlines and US Airways, things will soon be changing at JFK. Starting tomorrow, August 28th, US Airways will move their operations at JFK to terminal 8, home of American Airlines. Currently, US Airways operates at JFK out of terminal 7, which is shared with British Airways, ANA, Icelandair, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, and United.

“I can confirm that US Airways and US Airways Express will move from Terminal 7 to 8 effective tomorrow at JFK,” said Todd Lehmacher, Corporate Communications, US Airways. “I can tell you that the terminal building we are moving into is newer and larger than our current home at JFK. As a result customers and employees alike will benefit from a more aesthetically pleasing environment translating to a better customer experience,” added Lehmacher.

While the merger between the airlines is now under fire from the Department of Justice, this move will indeed be happening, merger or not. This move will free up much needed room at terminal 7 for the remaining airlines, and also give US Airways passengers access to a much larger, less congested terminal. US Airways will apparently use gates 34,36,38,40 at terminal 8. All airlines at terminal 8 are either already members of the One World alliance, or are in the process of joining.

Oddly, there are no warnings of this terminal move on the US Airways home page, so we suspect some passengers may end up at the wrong terminal for the time being. If you do end up at terminal 7 by accident, terminal 8 is just one stop of the AirTrain away!

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  • Douglas Wint

    I don’t see a tweet on their own account and not a mention on their web site. Are they of the thinking that the minimal number of flights they have out of JFK means that the impact of this switch will be mitigated? In my opinion, that’s a poor way to handle this thing.

    Furthermore, merger or not, this speaks to USAirways’s intent on leaving Star Alliance, yes? It sounded like Lehmacher is putting down the facilities at terminal seven, in a roundabout way.