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August 4, 2013

Analyzing The New JetBlue Airbus A321 Video

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Written by: Jason Rabinowitz
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Now that a few hours has passed since the discovery of a video showing off the interior of the new JetBlue Airbus A321 premium transcontinental product, we can take a few moments to break down what we see.

The video starts with an overview of the economy section of the aircraft, showing completely redesigned seats. The color of the leather seats has changed from grey to a mix of grey black. At the top of the seat, we see the addition of a new headrest with adjustable edges, a first for JetBlue. In order to differentiate Even More Legroom seats, the headrests have an orange trim around the headset. The seat back pocket also appears to now include a cup holder, and has changed to a see-through mesh design.

The entertainment system also seems to have changed substantially. The current system has been showing its age for quite a number of years, and JetBlue seems poised to change this. The new IFE system has larger widescreens with a new user interface, which would appear to be controlled by touchscreen. The current model can only be controlled by the remote embedded in the arm rest, which has remained in the new version.

As expected, there are dramatic changes in the front portion of the new aircraft. Between the first two sets of doors are approximately 5 rows of a new premium cabin. The seats looks very similiar to what you may find on an international long-haul aircraft of a premium airline, such as Singapore or Emirates. A control panel for fully automatic adjustment can be seen, as well as a set of two very interesting buttons. As previously rumored, it appears that a minimum of one row in the new cabin will include a privacy partition, creating a “mini-suite.”

These changes represent a major overhaul to the current JetBlue cabin, which has not seen much change since the airline began service over a decade ago.

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  • ekgeek

    The product looks nice.

    “Suites” are great when you have a *lot* of quiet time ahead of you.

    I think the mini-suite concept (as seen here) might be of limited use for domestic US flights where the longest transcon flight is sub six hours, other than perhaps on eastbound red-eyes (even then, you need to go straight to sleep). Privacy is nice, but on a day flight with a premium service offering, you may get tired of opening and closing your suite door every time the flight attendant comes by.

    And not all the rows have it? Strange/confusing to the customer.

    • flyingwithfish


      The doors are on rows with a single seat, and not on rows with two seats. The premium cabin is two seats – one seat – two seats – one seat, similar to how the Finnair J cabins are laid out

      • LongTimeObserver

        How do you get 5-across business class seating into an A321 tube?

        • flyingwithfish

          The rows are 4 across, 2 across, 4 across, 2 across

          • LongTimeObserver

            Aha. Needlessly complicated compared to 2-2, 2-2 suites and 4-4, 4-4 premium?

          • flyingwithfish

            The staggered premium seating allows for seats to be placed closer together, for packing more eats into the cabin, while giving passengers more personal space to layout.

          • LongTimeObserver

            There is no free lunch.

  • Matt Morgan

    The regular seats still have remotes in the arm rest, so I’d say the touch screen IFE is unlikely

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