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July 25, 2013

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Announces Airport Improvements

On Thursday afternoon, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey Announced a series of upcoming projects which will improve the regions airports.

The first in a series of releases announced the authorization of $225 million to modernize LaGuardia Airport’s infrastructure. The series of “site, building and utility modernization projects” will generate 1,500 jobs, $112 million in wages and $364 million in economic activity for the region, according to the Port Authority. The infrastructure work will be “behind the scenes” types of upgrades, says Steve Coleman, Deputy Director, Media Relations at the Port Authority. Most of the work will be to general utilities, “things that need to be done, since the airport is getting up there in age,” said Coleman. Generally, the improvements will not directly be seen by passengers. The Port Authority says that 95 percent of expenditures will be reimbursed by federal passenger facility charges.

Across the Hudson at Newark, the Port Authority has announced a few major runway related projects. To start, three new taxiways will be construed along runway 4L-22R, which will “allow multiple planes to stage for departure at the end of the runway, reducing takeoff delays.” In addition, a “high-speed” taxiway will be added which enable arriving aircraft to exit the runway without slowing down to make any hard turns. The Port Authority estimates that the new taxiways will save 30 seconds per flight, reducing delays during peak times at the very congested airport. “The time saved translates to roughly $9.4 million annually in reduced costs for aircraft operations and the value of passengers’ time,” said the Port Authority.

In addition, runway 4L-22R at Newark will be “overhauled with asphalt repaving, repairs to concrete sections, and replacement of electrical and lighting systems.” The last time this runway was overhauled was in 2003. The Port Authority said that they have worked with the FAA and airlines to reduce the effect of the runway closure, which will see a full 60-day closure beginning April 2014, again for 10 days in September 2014, as well as nightly and weekend closures between June 2014 and December 2014. Runway 11-29 will also see a 15-day closure in June 2014 to allow for nearby construction. During these times, Newark will have two of three runways available, weather permitting, and passengers may experience delays.

Lastly, the Port Authority announced the approval of a new security contract at its airports which will “enhance security functions at its three major aviation facilities.” A four year contract for unarmed security guard services with Allied Barton Security Services replaces the current contract with FJC Security as of September 1. The new contract stipulates annual background checks for employees, as well as increased training for new guards. FJC Security has seen quite a bit of negative media attention recently, ranging from a supervisor sending naked pictures of himself to several Port Authority executives, as well as sleeping on the job. The Port Authority decided to terminate FJCs contract early.

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  • xsquatchx

    the work on the ramps on the grand central at LGA has been going on… what… like 6 or 7 years??

    not optimistic this stuff will ever get finished.

    • Jason

      No road works project in NYC is ever completed in a reasonable period of time. The Kew Gardens Interchange has been under construction since 1931, I think.

      • Daveabbey

        And now they have new concrete support stations for the new bridge/roadway at Kew Gardens Interchange. Built in job security. Why build something that will last for too long?