July 16, 2013

Updated: JetBlue Offering 90% Off Flights When Temp Hits 90°

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Written by: Jason Rabinowitz
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Keep an eye on that temperature!

For the third day in a row, the temperature in NYC broke 90 and kept going. Sadly, the JetBlue booking site could never quite handle the load of New Yorkers trying to escape the city for the weekend. On Thursday night, JetBle announced that the promotion would be ending two days early, as they are simply unable to cope with the demand. JetBlue released the following statement:

Our #HotSeatsNYC promotion turned out to be an offer that was simply too hot to handle, and unfortunately, we’ve had to end it early – our systems just weren’t able to manage the volume of New Yorkers looking to beat the heat. While we sold thousands of seats during the promo, we know there were many of you who weren’t able to take advantage of the offer.

To make up for the glitches, JetBlue is offering 25% off all domestic flights out of JFK/LGA/EWR between 9/13 and 10/31 with promo code 2HOT2HANDLE. Supplies are not limited as before, but you must book by the 19th at 4pm!


So, as expected, the mercury hit 90 (and kept going), and the JetBlue “Hot Seats” promotion kicked in. The sale turned out to be 90% off literally any round trip city pairing if you left the 17th or 18th, and returned on 22nd or 23rd. Sadly, things did not go so well once the sale started. Inundated by requests, the JetBlue booking site spewed out errors, preventing a large majority of those trying from taking advantage of the sale. The sale is apparently still on-going, so try your luck!





Here are NYCAviation, we have our air conditioner running 24/7 during this unpleasant heat wave in New York, but it only does so much. New York City can be quite an unpleasant place when the temperature skyrockets, and JetBlue might just be your (cheap) ticket out of here. Dubbed “Hot Seats“, the promotion offers a “very limited quantity” of promo codes good for 90% air travel out of New York City once the temperature hits a balmy 90+ degrees through Saturday.

The current forecast, unfortunately, predicts a high temperature of over 90° for the rest of the week, so stay tuned each day at noon to the promotion page. Back in January, JetBlue ran a promotion called “NYC Flight Week,” which offered discount fares out of NYC of up to 80% off. That sale landed a certain NYCA editor in St. Maarten for a few days, so pay attention this time around!


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