July 28, 2013

Airport 24/7: Miami- One Airport, All Sorts of Crazy

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Written by: Jason Rabinowitz
MIA employee Khristine Perez works a ground tower in the dark after a power outage

If you have been watching Airport 24/7: Miami, you have seen some truly odd stuff happen at that airport so far this season. For those of you that for whatever reason aren’t watching, lets catch you up to speed so you know what you are missing. The show takes place at Miami International Airport, and what goes on, and through there, is kind of crazy.

In a recent episode, a simple momentary loss of power created havoc in a small, but extremely important airport facility. While power returned to almost the entire airport, the power did not return to one of the ramp control towers. This tower is responsible for the safe movement of aircraft coming into alleyways after landing, and those pushing back from the gate heading out to the runway. For whatever reason, that specific tower did not seem to have any backup power for radios, computers, or even lights. The lone controller quickly reverted to manually guiding aircraft in her control. Only a single landline telephone linked to another tower was available. All of this going on, and passengers would never know.

Is there an option for a carry on kangaroo on the check in kiosk?

Is there an option for a carry on kangaroo on the check in kiosk?

Meanwhile, at the TSA security checkpoint, the oddest of items pop up on the show. Sure, you may see a dog on any given flight, but how about a kangaroo? Yes, a kangaroo. The marsupial was being transported through MIA, packed away in a bag. At the checkpoint, the kangaroo was unpacked, and was better behaved that you would see most domestic pets. Have you ever seen that at an airport before? Nope, didn’t think so.

Throughout the episodes, other bizarre events happen, such a passengers getting bit by a scorpion in customs, and the random passengers who simply forgot they had a loaded gun on them. In upcoming episodes we will see how MIA deals with a ground service company that physically blocks an aircraft from departing, a TSA employee hitting the lottery, and the arrival of the Boeing 747-8i.

At times, however, some of the events seem a bit drawn out, or even just unrealistic, such as an employee unenthusiastically taking down information from a caller who threatened the airport with C4 explosives, while others in the background seemed to be doing nothing. Looking past the smaller filler material, and Airport 24/7: Miami really does provide a fantastic look at the inner workings of a major airport. We can’t wait to see what other craziness MIA has in store for us.

Check out the show on Travel Channel, Tuesday at 9pm.

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