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Lion Air 737 Lands Short Of Runway In Bali, Splashes Into Sea

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Written by: Jason Rabinowitz
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Lion Air Crash In Bali

A brand new Lion Air Boeing 737-800, registration  PK-LKS, operating flight 904 from Bandung, Indonesia to Bali, landed short the of the runway at Bali and came to rest in the sea early Saturday morning. Upon impact with the sea, the fuselage appears to have broken into two pieces, just behind the midsection of the aircraft. Reuters reports that there were 101 passengers and seven crew on board, and that all survived.

Initial reports indicated that the aircraft landed and subsequently overran the runway, but has since been corrected, with the aircraft splashing into the sea short of runway 09.

Map of the Bali’s Tuban Airport, depicting where the Lion Air 737 landed short of runway 9.

The ends of Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport are bordered by the sea, with only approximately 550 feet separating each end of the runway from the sea, as well as the lack of any EMAS (engineered materials arrestor system). This airport leaves little room for error.

Lion Air is a low-cost carrier based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, with a large fleet of 92 various aircraft Boeing, with several orders pending with Airbus. This particular aircraft had its first flight on February 5th of this year.

Video showing the scene immediately after the crash from CBS News

Weather reported about the time of the accident (07:35 UTC / 15:35 LT) was:

WADD 130800Z 10009KT 9999 FEW017CB SCT017 30/26 Q1007 NOSIG
WADD 130730Z 15006KT 110V270 9999 FEW017CB SCT017 30/25 Q1007 NOSIG
[TRANSLATED: 07:30 UTC / 15:30 LT: Wind 150°, varying between 110 and 270° at 6 knots; unlimited visibility; few Cumulonimbus clouds at 1700 feet AGL; scattered clouds at 1700 feet AGL; Temperature: 30°C; Dewpoint: 25°C; Pressure: 1007 mb]
WADD 130700Z 09006KT 9999 BKN017 30/26 Q1007 NOSIG

The aircraft involved in the incident, just a week prior:

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