• MomosG

    I flew first class on a red-eye Delta flight from OGG to LAX in August 2012. I have to say I was not impressed. The 757-200 was about 25 years old, an old ATA aircraft and the seating was not impressive. Yes, a tad wider seats and legroom but there wasn’t a TV or a personal entertainment system. I’ve been on first or what they call “business class” on their 777-200LR from LAX to Sydney, Australia in 2011 and THAT was impressive with the lie-down seats, the meals and the plethora of personal entertainment.

  • CeeJay

    Sorry, but I have nothing positive to say about flying Delta first class. It’s total luck of the draw as to which type of plane you will end up flying on. The majority of their fleet are antiquated and crammed packed. First class is frankly no better than flying Delta’s economy plus. Save your self a grand and pick an economy plus seat. You’ll get practically the same leg room and aren’t missing any big perks since Delta only serves meals in first class when flight is more than four hours long. Ridiculous. I guess that’s what 2K gets you nowadays.

    • clodhoppinggold

      and you obviously haven’t flown first in a long time, they are lie flat seats with terrific service, you must be a democrat malcntent

    • clodhoppinggold

      plus click on ceejay’s name above and look at what her other comments are, i rest my case

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