January 3, 2013

Video (NSFW): Drunken Twilight Star Pees In The Middle Of LAX Terminal

Here’s a somewhat NSFW video of Bronson Pelletier whipping it out and peeing on the rug right in front of hundred of LAX passengers late last month. I wish I knew enough about this guy or the movies he’s been in (IMDB tells me Pelletier played Jared in all Twilight movies) to make a snarky comment about this, but I don’t.

Pelletier, originally of a Native American tribe in Canada, was arrested for public intoxication and faces a court date next week. For what it’s worth, Pelletier denied the incident occurred, but that was apparently before this video emerged over the past couple of days.

Pelletier becomes the third notable person in recent memory to suffer from pre- or in-flight drunken incontinence. Actor Gerard Depardieu took a leak on the floor of an Air France flight in August 2011. Just days earlier, a US Olympic ski team hopeful managed to use an 11-year-old girl as a urinal aboard a JetBlue flight.

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  • kptrojans

    I guess this guy should consider changing his name from “Bronson Pelletier” to “Bronson Pee-anywhere”

  • Enrique Benitez

    I wonder if his dick & balls got smashed on the floor when the officer handcuffed him, I hope he did,,,,what a pukehead