January 31, 2013

Ann Coulter is A-Ok Flying With Black Female Pilots…We Think

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By: Phil Derner Jr.
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Much of the internet and social media outlets were abuzz the past couple of days with links to an article telling the tale of Ann Coulter refusing to fly aboard an American Airlines flight after learning the pilot was an African-American female.

Posted on the on Tuesday, the outrageous story of both racism and sexism claims that the conservative political personality was getting cozy in her Business Class seat when she caught a glimpse of the pilot, and not only objected to her sex and skin color, but launched into a tirade to other passengers that their safety was in jeopardy. She was then questioned by authorities, who decided to not file any charges against her.

The article spread like wildfire on Twitter, Facebook, and an obscure site called “Google+”, all blasting Coulter for the evil woman that they knew she was all along. The only problem is that…it wasn’t true. The article gained so much steam that folklore debunker Snopes made their own post to point out what should have been obvious; the article is fake.

The Daily Currant’s own ‘About’ page clearly states that their articles are purely satirical, though they are intended to cover relevant, true to life topics. It is sure that, had this story been true, it would have made front page headlines faster than Ann Coulter arming herself at a gun show.

So regardless of your political leanings, don’t use this as an example in your next anti-Ann debate. Although, at the time of publishing, Ann Coulter was unavailable to comment on her actual views on pilots of various races and genders.