November 10, 2012

What Our 20,000th Twitter Follower Means To Us

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Written by: Phil Derner Jr.
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@NYCAviation reached 20,000 followers on Saturday, November 10, 2012.

Today, our @NYCAviation Twitter account reached its 20,000th follower. Though there are other aviation outlets and personalities that have many more than that, this is a milestone that we are immensely proud of.

This number reflects two things that we have been able to share with the world: information and fun. In an industry that tends to draw much of its attention from negative events, a major goal of ours is to make travel not only tolerable, but less stressful and enjoyable as well.

One way of doing this is through education, offering updates or links to our articles that tell you not only the whats, but the whys. Flying is not a natural act, and the mystery of not knowing what is going on can be frustrating if you’re trapped in an airport or on a plane. But just having that update is also not enough. Having explanations of what is happening can make you calmer, happier. Knowing is much more than half the battle (GI Joe) and it makes for smoother sailing and more comfortable skies for everyone involved. So we field your questions, write columns, and strive to keep you and even other news agencies, in the know.

And it isn’t always about aviation. The world of flight is very complex and simply a mandatory part of today’s world. Infrastructure is not just about roadways, railways and highways, but also airways. In providing enthusiasts and the traveling public with information, our resources also afford us the opportunity to communicate important non-aviation events to the world as well. From daily weather to breaking news, we hope that people know they can rely on us, that the world will not slip through their fingers.

Though we usually do that as a given, Matt and I sat down before Hurricane Sandy and we specifically said “We are in the position to help people by providing them with information and news that can make them safer.” We had someone from our team in front of a computer at almost every hour for those few days keeping an eye on our region, modifying our update page and letting people know what they needed to in terms of weather, forecasts, power outages, ground transportation, rescue info, photos, and of course…travel updates.

Through all the headaches that come with taking to the skies, fun is the number one goal for us. No matter what we post on Twitter, Facebook, or the articles we publish, we are an aviation enthusiast and planespotter community at heart. We do what we do because we love aviation, and we want to share that with others. So when you see a joke tweet, an article of a lighter topic, or a goofy thumbnail or illustration for a news event, we hope it gives you a chuckle and allows us all to laugh at our own industry. Through all of this, maybe just once you can make your smile infect that flight attendant that is having a bad day as you board your next flight, because in the end…you’re sitting in a chair…the sky!

Whether you are a Twitter follower, Facebook Liker, forum member, casual reader, or don’t have a computer and still shoot a film camera while spotting, we are here for you, and we are always available to help improve your aviation experience. We hope this number means we are doing something right, but that doesn’t mean we’ll just sit back and ride the wave.

To our 20,000 followers and thousands of other fans, thank you! Here’s to welcoming the next 20,000 members of our aviation family.

I’d like to add another big THANK YOU to everyone on our team and those that have contributed over the years. Whether you’re a staffer, writer, photographer, or a member that posts awesome stuff on the forums that we can link the world to, we can’t make any progress without you. -Phil and Matt

About the Author

Phil Derner Jr.
Phil Derner founded NYCAviation in 2003. A lifetime aviation enthusiast that grew up across the water from La Guardia Airport, Phil has aviation experience as a Loadmaster, Operations Controller and Flight Dispatcher. He owns and operates NYCAviation and performs duties as an aviation expert through writing, consulting, public speaking and media appearances. You can reach him by email or follow him on Twitter.



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