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November 30, 2012

Eastern Air Lines DC-7 Crashes In New York Fog: November 30 in Aviation History

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By: NYCAviation Staff
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AtlasJet MD-82 (TC-AKM)
This AtlasJet MD-82 (TC-AKM) crashed in Istanbul in 2007.
2007: Atlasjet Flight 4203, an MD-83 registered TC-AKM, crashes shortly after departure out of Ataturk International Airport in Instanbul, Turkey, killing all 57 on-board. With good weather and no known technical issues, it was determined that the crash was caused due to the pilot experiencing spatial disorientation.

2004: Lion Air Flight 538, an MD-82 registered PK-LMN, overran the runway on landing in Adi Sumarumo Airport in Surakarta in wet conditions, killing 25 of the 167 people on-board.

1999: British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems merge to form BAE Systems, Europe’s largest defense contractor and the fourth largest aerospace firm in the world.

1986: First flight of the Fokker F100.

1979: First flight of the Piper PA-46.

1962: Eastern Air Lines Flight 512, a Douglas DC-7B registered N815D, crashes at Idlewild Airport (now JFK Airport) during a go-around in thick fog, killing 25 of the 51 people on-board. It took rescuers nearly a half hour to reach the crash site.

1908: La Compagnie Generale de Navigation Aérienne, the French Wright company, is organized.

1907: Glenn Curtiss founds the Curtiss Aeroplane Company, becoming the first US airplane manufacturing firm.

1905: The Aero Club of America is established in New York City. They were the first organization to issue pilots licenses in the United States.

1905: The experimental LZ2 airship is damaged on its first attempt to launch.

1784: The first scientific observations from above the earth take place in a hydrogen balloon over London by Jean-Pierre Blanchard.