November 9, 2012

Judge Orders Former JetBlue Pilot To Stay Away From Planes

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By: Matt Molnar
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Clayton Osbon mugshot.
Clayton Osbon mugshot.
Nearly eight months after his rantings about terrorists on a flight made passengers to restrain him and forced an emergency landing, former JetBlue Captain Clayton Osbon is free, but banned from going near planes.

Within days of being forcibly removed from JetBlue Flight 191 after its emergency landing in San Antonio, federal prosecutors charged Osbon with interfering with the activities of a flight crew.

Osbon was subsequently declared not guilty by reason of insanity by a Texas judge in July, after a neuropsychiatrist testified that Osbon’s psychotic episode had been caused by a lack of sleep. Osbon ordered to remain under psychiatric evaluation through October to determine whether he should be committed to an institution.

Despite suffering one additional episode while in custody, on Friday, the same judge allowed Osbon to go home, under the condition that he not board any commercial or private flight and not contact any passengers on the flight he disrupted.

  • getlostnoneofyourbus

    always happens, if someone knows something try to lock them up and pretend their insane.
    I dont believe he is insane.