October 1, 2012

‘Airport 24/7: Miami’ Offers Compelling Look At People Who Make The Airport Tick

This job stinks -- literally -- but somebody's got to do it, and on "Airport 24/7: Miami" that somebody is Albert Coreschi. (Photo by Travel Channel)
This job stinks -- literally -- but somebody's got to empty the airplane lavs between flights. On "Airport 24/7: Miami" that somebody is Albert Coreschi. (Photo by Travel Channel)
In the modern age of reality TV focused on every odd occupation you can imagine — from duck decoy making to vending machine restoration — it’s refreshing to  see a show about real people doing jobs that make an actual difference in people’s lives.

Airport 24/7: Miami” is such a show. The six-episode first season on Travel Channel premieres Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 9 pm ET/PT and 8 pm CT.

NYCAviation got to preview the first two episodes of the show and was thoroughly impressed.

“Airport 24/7″ focuses on nine main characters which include some of the airport’s helpful customer service agents, a motorcycle cop who patrols the airport’s roadways and a ramp agent who empties airplane toilets. Each is interesting in their own way, each fitting into a piece of the massive logistical puzzle that makes every flight possible.

Noting Miami’s role as nation’s second busiest international passenger airport and the number one international cargo hub, the airport’s security issues play a huge role on the show. In just the first two episodes, TSA discovers a gun in a carry on and a knife concealed in a passenger’s shoe. Meanwhile, a Customs team conducts a surprise inspection on a Lufthansa A380 and later, while searching a cargo flight, finds a major cocaine cache hidden inside imported tractor parts.

There’s also the airport’s affable but no-nonsense Director of Security, Lauren Stover, who starts the show by showing off a showcase in her office filled with odd weapons seized from passengers over the years.

Photos: Meet the Stars of “Airport 24/7: Miami”

This show is not a weekly half hour block of planespotting at Miami International Airport, one of the best planespotting airports in the US, but avgeeks will still enjoy it. The show is produced by a first-rate avgeek, Chris Sloan, the guy behind the fantastic airline historical resource Sure, he would love to make a planespotting show, but TV execs and advertisers: notsomuch.

There is more than a passing resemblance to the long-running BBC documentary series “Airport,” as well as the more airline-focused “Airline.” And there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Airport 24/7″ shows the aviation and air travel business is filled with stories that are appealing to all. The plotlines on “Airport 24/7″ are compelling enough that you might even be able to convince your non-aviation-enthusiastic significant other to sit down and watch it with you.

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