September 5, 2012

Did FAA Managers Urge Employees to Vote Democrat?

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FAA Headquarters in Washington DC. (Photo by Matthew Bisanz, via Wikimedia Commons)

FAA managers in Seattle warned workers that Republican Presidential and Congressional wins would mean budget cuts for the agency, according to a government transparency group.

The AP reported that the Washington, D.C.,-based group Cause of Action is demanding an investigation into the allegations, brought to light by some FAA employees who felt threatened by the political talk.

For better or for worse, those managers are probably correct in their assertion that a Republican-controlled government would trim government spending on many fronts, budget decreases that would almost certainly include a haircut for the FAA. There is some anecdotal evidence that rank-and-file federal employees are taking a “wait-and-see” approach before making any major life decisions until after election day out of fear that they may get pink-slipped by a Romney/Ryan.

However, under the Hatch Act of 1939, federal employees below the level of Vice President are not allowed to talk politics on the job nor use their positions of authority to persuade workers to vote in any particular fashion. If left unchecked, the government would be rife with political patronage and corruption…well, more so than it is now, at least.

Here is a copy of the CoA’s letter requesting an investigation by the inspector general, which includes more details about the incident:

2012 9 5 DOT OIG Request for Investigation

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  • frawndoo

    Doesnt matter who you vote for, they are ALL the same, all liars spewing promises they never intend to keep

    Total-Privacy dot US

  • How is this so different from every defense contractor being told to lobby their Congressman to not impose the sequestration budget cuts?
    If it was an honest discussion of the impact of Republican policies (remember, they held up the FAA budget a few months ago) the obvious conclusion that a Democratic House would better serve the FAA goals is not really a political discussion but an economic one.