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August 31, 2012

Here’s Why Jet Fuel is Bad For Cars

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Filling your car with jet fuel is only acceptable if it has a jet engine. (Photo by Skip Steuart via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND)

Wait, is this really a thing that people have to be told? Are people actually trying this? Apparently yes. Sadly, yes. [Jalopnik]

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Filling your car with jet fuel is only acceptable if it has a jet engine. (Photo by Skip Steuart via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND)

New Jersey Gas Station Accidentally Fills Cars With Jet Fuel

Unless you drive a jet dragster or a diesel, putting jet fuel in your car will likely result in stalling and/or damage.
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A fuel truck spotted on a snowy day at LaGuardia. (Photo by Matt Hintsa via Flickr, CC-BY-NC-SA)

Airlines Fear Fuel Shortages at New York City Airports

Airlines have begun adding extra fuel on flights to New York, fearing the airports may not have enough fuel supply to fill them up.
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Delta Air Lines will become its own oilman after purchasing a refinery in Pennsylvania.

Delta Air Lines Buys a Refinery, Becoming its Own Oilman

Delta Air Lines on Monday announced it had reached an agreement to buy a disused oil refinery near Philadelphia, a move which many industry pundits promise to puzzle over for years to come. Monroe Energy, a wholly-owned subsidi...
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Airbus Rolls Out First New A320 With Sharklets

Airbus has completed its first A320 aircraft built with Sharklet wing-tips, a design improvement expected to save operators large amounts of fuel.
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NASA Tests Chicken Fat-Based Jet Fuel Using DC-8 Airborne Laboratory

NASA has announced that a group of scientists from its Langley Research Center traveled cross-country this month for an experiment with eco-friendly jet fuel made out of chicken fat.
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