July 2, 2012

Video: Brazilian Fighter Jets Shatter Windows During Supersonic Low Pass

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Two Brazilian Air Force Mirage 2000s pulled a supersonic low pass over the country’s capital of Brasilia on Sunday — so low that the accompanying sonic shockwave shattered nearly all of the windows on the mostly-glass Supreme Court building.

Pay close attention to the lower right portion of the screen as soon right after the video starts.

The Air Force has pledged to pay for the repairs, probably after some angry judges gave them a long finger wagging talking-to.

The Aviationist points out that Brazilian pilots have really been on crazy-low-pass kick as of late, with another Air Force jet, an Embraer AMX A-1 to be exact, buzzing the roof of a Sao Paulo hotel during an IndyCar race this past May.

(H/T The Aviationist, via Gizmodo)

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  • guess they should extend the 6 week jet pilot course to discuss the adverse impacts of sonic shock waves.