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May 23, 2012

United Airlines Pilots Invite Execs to Tour Their ‘LAX Ghetto’

United's Boeing 777-200ER (N768UA) service to Narita takes off from LAX's Runway 25R. (Photo by Brian Gershey)
United's Boeing 777-200ER (N768UA) service to Narita takes off from LAX's Runway 25R. (Photo by Brian Gershey)
As lower-cost (but less comfortable) alternative to crashpads, many United Airlines pilots sleep in motor homes parked in Los Angeles International Airport’s Lot E, a place they have not-so-affectionately dubbed the “LAX Ghetto.”

The Unfriendly Skies, a website run by the airline’s pilots to publicize their beefs with management, has now formally invited United Airlines executives to LAX for a tour of Lot E on Thursday, May 24.

“We welcome you to spend the night with us as large aircraft land over our heads all hours of the night and morning,” says the letter. “We believe that by seeing this for your own eyes, you would better understand why the pilots are so frustrated by your outsourcing strategy and the fact that you continue to reward yourselves with millions of dollars in bonuses every year.”

It also points out that while the average United pilot has taken a 42% pay cut since 2003, United CEO Jeff Smisek’s salary tripled, becoming the highest in the industry. “That $10.4 million raise in 2011 could have put 193 furloughed pilots back to work,” they write.

We’ll let you know if anyone shows up.

Read the full letter below:

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