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May 16, 2012

Investigators Retrieve Crashed Superjet’s Cockpit Voice Recorder

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The Superjet's cockpit voice recorder closely resembles this example.

Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry and Sukhoi confirmed on Wednesday that investigators had recovered the cockpit voice recorder of the Superjet 100 that crashed in Indonesia last week, marking a critical milestone in determining what caused the disaster.

The recorder was transported to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, where both Indonesian and Russian authorities will analyze its data.

Sukhoi said in a statement that Indonesia’s KNKT National Transportation Safety Committee will decode the data jointly with a Russian team, including the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slyusar and consultants from Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Register, Aviaprom JSC, Russian State Air Traffic Control Corp and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company.

The other of the plane’s two so-called black boxes, the flight data recorder, has not yet been located.

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