• http://twitter.com/PierreBus380 Pierre Bus

    Interesting on many points:
    1) Southwest at one point said that they would be open to have up to 3 airplane models (when they got AirTran’s 717′s and commented on the Bombardier C-Series). Now that they’re back to one model, they might very well decide to fill the 100-140 seat niche with C-Series.
    2) If Delta can get this approved by the union, legacy carriers might just have a chance of survival; this definitely needs to happen if legacy carriers are going to survive given that 50-seat regional jets are not economically viable anymore. Airlines need to move to 70-110 seats.
    3) Delta is essentially saying it NEEDS a plane in the 110-seat category. Which is exactly the niche that the C-Series is going after. BIGGER than regional jets but smaller than the smaller A320/319 and 737-700 (or 737-7 MAX).
    I would say this totally validates the C-Series and could mean SouthWest and/or Delta could be looking at that plane in the 2016+ timeframe (first delivery of C-Series is next year and delivery spots are full into 2016). They could use their 717s for a while then replace them with newer planes.
    Very interesting indeed. I sure hope the unions will make this happen because it really is in everyone’s best interest (nobody wins if the company that owes money to your retirement fund goes belly up)… As we keep seeing lately…

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