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May 3, 2012

Danish Airline Cimber Sterling Grounds All Flights, Files For Bankruptcy

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A Cimber Sterling Boeing 737-700 (OY-MRS) seen taking off from Alicante, Spain. (Photo by PatxikuD5000, published under a CC BY-NC-ND license.)

Cimber Sterling grounded all flights effective immediately after filing for bankruptcy Thursday morning.

The Sonderborg, Denmark-based carrier had operated for nearly 62 years since its founding as Cimber Air in 1950. It gained the Sterling brand when it bought Sterling Airlines in 2008.

About 25 planes made up the Cimber fleet, consisting of ATR-42 and ATR-72 props, Boeing 737-700s and CRJs.

The airline’s route network was contained entirely within Europe.

Cimber had suffered financial difficulties over the past couple of years, leading to its partial sale to Ukrainian billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskyi in 2011.

A Google Translate version of the company’s statement in Danish:

Cimber Sterling bankrupt – all flights are provisionally canceled

The Board of Cimber Sterling has decided to ask the company bankrupt and has therefore been filed for bankruptcy with the court in Sønderborg on Thursday 3rd May 2012 at. 06.30.

The consequence is that all flights from that time are canceled. If you should have been off with Cimber Sterling today will unfortunately therefore be futile to go to the airport. We apologize sincerely.

Cimber Sterling is registered in the Travel Guarantee Fund. That means you could get the ticket refunded if you simultaneously with the purchase of the ticket has purchased a bankrupt insurance. You will be contacted directly by the fund. If you befiunder up abroad and have a bankruptcy insurance, you will also be transported home free. Read more at Rejsegarantifonden.dk

However, if you are abroad and have not purchased a bankrupt insurance, the journey is unfortunately lost, and you must, unfortunately, even pay for alternative transport home.

If travel is purchased through a travel agent is the agent responsible for ensuring the implementation journey. Contact organizer for more information concerning. refund.

Have you paid with international credit card, you can through your bank to object and thereby see if you can get your expenses covered. If however, you paid with credit VisaDankort equated paying with cash – and you no opportunity to object apart from doing your claims in the bankruptcy estate.

We must again regret deeply.

Cimber Sterling

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  • jon colvin

    I travel to Denmark a lot and used to use this company all the time. Sterling Air took over Maersk Air in the early 90’s and really reduced the air prices. That was the good days! Woo!
    When Cimber took over Sterling after their collapse, they kept the prices almost the same for a year or two, but then for no reason whatsoever suddenly increased their prices quite dramatically. I was a very regular customer with them for 2 years but suddenly felt priced out of the market, so I walked away from their company and gave my business to Ryan Air and Norwegian.

    I did e mail the company and ask why they were had become so expensive (and I still have the answer somewhere) but i just got a bland reply about reflecting the market price etc..i ended up never using them again.

    For me, they got too greedy and ended up destroying their own customer base.

    If you start a business and offer a good price but then increase that price over time you will alienate you original customer base, its an old business adage but……
    If you do a good job, that customer will tell one person,
    If you do a bad job that same customer will tell ten people

    If you increase your fares dramatically, you will change company, simple!