Aviation News

March 12, 2012

Video: Another Amateur Video of Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion Revealed

For the third time in two years, unseen footage of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster has been uncovered, this time from a teenager using a Super 8 movie camera.

Jeffrey Ault, a 19-year-old from southern California, was filming with a Super 8 movie camera while viewing the launch with his parents and a friend. Ault says he hadn’t watched the footage in 26 years until he discovered it and licensed it to The Huffington Post.

This is the third amateur recording of the 1986 Challenger disaster to emerge in the past two years, and the first of those to be shot on film rather than videotape.

Two years ago, a dying man shared his video of the Challenger disaster for the first time.

Just last month, footage of the launch and explosion from Orlando International Airport was revealed by a staffer at New Scientist.