• Bernie Case

    Wow, 130,000 people were stranded in 2007?  They must’ve really been stuffing them into that Airbus!

  • http://www.alphabetcityblog.com/ Jeff

    I don’t know how tall you are, but as someone who’s 6’4″ myself, I can tell you that speed is most definitely *not* the big selling point of the EMS seats. The thing is, there’s a good percentage of the population that plain and simply does not fit in standard airline seats. JetBlue’s regular coach seats are the bare *minimum* that I would want to endure for any length of time, but on a cross country flight, I will gladly pay $65 for an extra 4″ of legroom. At 34″, I can sit upright in a normal manner but cannot really move in my seat at all; at 38″, I can move around and keep my blood flowing (that feeling of antsiness you get from sitting in the same position for hours is actually your blood pooling, which is not desirable!). Forget about airlines that offer 31″ or 32″ of pitch; I won’t even fly them. I literally end up with my knees flayed out into the seats next to me, and that’s before the person in front of me even reclines. I fly JetBlue whenever possible specifically because of the legroom; I’ll usually take a standard seat on a short flight but I always upgrade to EMS on longer flights.

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