March 19, 2012

Dead Airport Worker Delays Catering for Dallas Flights

An LSG Sky Chefs truck seen at DFW in 2006

An LSG Sky Chefs employee was, sadly, hit by a catering truck and killed at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Monday morning.

An unfortunate story under any circumstances, made more unfortunate by the brief Associated Press report of the incident which included this sentence:

“Magana says the Sunday morning incident had no impact on flight or terminal operations at DFW Airport. But it did cause an interruption in catering services to some flights.” (Emphasis added)

Pros: No flights were delayed.

Cons: The truck filled with pretzels and Coke cans was not able to make its appointed rounds and some airline passengers may not have gotten their refreshments. Not to mention, the guy’s co-workers may have been a bit too broken up to do their jobs.

Then again, how does one report a story like that other than to include all the facts available? Was there any way to make the story sound less insensitive?

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