February 21, 2012

Spirit Airlines Jumps On the Jeremy Lin Bandwagon

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By: Matt Molnar
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Spirit Airlines Linsanely Low Fares
“Check Out Our Linsanely Low Fares!”

So proclaims the subject of an email I got today from Spirit Airlines, well known for using current events humor to hawk seats on their planes. In this case, they’re reciting one of the dozens of puns the sports media have come up with for the surname of breakout Knicks star Jeremy Lin.

But that’s not all…
“Just in the knick of time… Score BIG with fares so Linsanely low, you can afford them even if you’re living on your brother’s couch! Book now with slam dunk fares that will put your bench-warming days behind you!”

Some of Spirit's more salacious solicitations.

Some of Spirit's more salacious solicitations.

If Spirit really wants to put their money where their mouth is, they’d sell some $17 trips in honor of Jeremy Lin’s jersey. But that seems unlikely now that they have to include taxes in all their advertised fares.

Spirit’s more scandal-inspired sales, such as those poking fun at Anthony Weiner and Justin Bieber (seen above), are my personal favorites.