Aviation News

February 3, 2012

Final Call: Spirit Adds ‘Unintended Consequence Fee’, TSA Seizes Carry-on Cattle Prod

Photo of the Day: Lufthansa's service to somewhere in Germany leaves contrails over Poughkeepsie, New York.

Photo of the Day: Lufthansa's service to…somewhere in Germany…leaves contrails over Poughkeepsie, New York. (Photo by Gordon Gebert)

• Behind the scenes at Operation Fertile Keynote, an exercise for F-16s to practice intercepting small planes over Washington. [AOPA]

• How much does it cost to travel around the world for a year? $15,000, as long as you’re really careful. [Gadling]

• Ryan International Airlines, the Illinois-based charter carrier that is not to be confused with Ryanair, is laying off at least 100 employees. [WREX]

• A few days after raising a stink over new fare advertising rules, Spirit Airlines added a $2 “unintended consequence fee” over another DOT rule which forces airlines to refund a customer’s money if they change their mind within 24 hours of purchase, a regulation the airline says will cost them millions. [USA Today]

• Authorities arrested a man wanted for software piracy at Dulles International Airport when he attempted to return to the US from Pakistan. [Washington Examiner]

• TSA screeners in Baltimore stopped a man who had a cattle prod stuffed in his carry-on luggage. [YNN]